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Student Short Film

Melbourne International Film Festival 2016

Just a quick update to say that 'Chronos' has been accepted into the Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 Australian Panorama screening!

This was quite unexpected and is a huge honour!

Finished product!

To create an animated short with little to no knowledge of things such as production pipeline, lighting, rendering etc. is not an easy task, I am incredibly proud that we were able to complete this project. While there are some things now that I look back on and think of how I would have done it differently or better, I am still very happy with the final product that our team put together!

A Few Unfinished Shots

Building a City

Creating Fish

For the Jellyfish, the swim cycle took 3 days to render by itself.

A few miscellaneous sea creatures

I couldn't in good conscience create an animated underwater film and not sneak in a little Nemo easter egg

Painstaking ocean sims

Figuring this all out from scratch.

Ocean Shaders
Reflections / Refractions


I settled on using the Maya ocean with my own custom material for the most part, when there were waves that needed to be done manually I created a blendshapes rig to control displacement in different areas of the mesh. Similar to the way Sony created their waves in 'Surf's Up'.

A few early storyboards.

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