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First attempt of sculpting a character in Zbrush.


Ford Mustang

I came across a beautiful 3D rendered image of a classic car the other day and decided to challenge myself in my texturing / rendering skills to see if I could achieve something of a similar quality.

Originally I was going to model the car myself, however I came across a mesh on creative crash of a 1970s Ford Mustang Mach 1 and decided to just make it a test of my mush less experienced texturing skills.

I am fairly happy with how it turned out.


I guess it is kind of a (unintentional) metaphor for how I feel trying to get hired as a recent graduate. It feels like I keep getting close, when in reality it is impossible.

Or this is just a silly loop that I made in 3 hours, it's open to interpretation really.

Realistic Bald Eagle Flight (I believe I can fly!)

I was trying to improve my realistic animation skills and am actually quite happy how this one turned out. One thing I noticed is that it is very tempting to try and over-animate something as (relatively) simple as a bird flying, it is all about keeping it simple and absolutely nailing the main movement.

I also decided to render and do a bit of After Effects work.


The first time I have ever tried animating something in slow-motion, the margin for error is a lot smaller since there are no quick movements.

Learning to use Blender / Hand animation

First time ever animating something in Blender, it took me a lot longer than I want to admit :(

I wanted to try some realistic hand animation since I haven't really worked with detailed hands before.

Bottle - errr - I mean, rock throw!

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